Jesus 2.0: What Is He Doing Today?

You can go anywhere today and ask the question “Who is Jesus and what is He doing today?” Unfortunately, some people will respond by informing you that they have never even heard of such a man. You’ll get some people who respond by informing you that the story of Jesus is a fairy tale and that he never existed. Then you’ll get some who say that Jesus was born, grew up, did His job, conquered the grave, and is sitting by in Heaven, idle, but they’ve got it wrong too. Jesus was born, He did come to do His Father’s business, He did take on the cross and conquer the grave, and He is STILL ALIVE and ACTIVE today!

Theology is debatable, and people will always question the theology behind your beliefs. What they can’t debate is experience. And my personal experiences, as well as those of others around me, confirm that Jesus is still alive, active, and at work. We’ve had teams go to Ethiopia and hold large crusades, hosting thousands and thousands of people in an open field. What happens there? Well, I’m glad you asked. Salvation happens, bondage is broken, and people who come in as prisoners to sin, leave set free under the name of Jesus! People who come in with sickness have the ability to leave healed if they believe upon the name of Jesus. This isn't just in Ethiopia; things of this nature have happened right here in Winchester as well.

You see, Jesus didn’t just come to conquer the human life experience, or live a perfect life, or be beaten, crucified, and raised from the dead three days later. He also came that we, through Him, may be upgraded in every aspect of life. He wants to encounter you, change you, and be involved in what’s going on around you. The question is will you let Him? #Jesus2.0

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