DON'T Follow Your Heart

This month our focus at Hero Students is on the heart. In biblical terms your heart is your emotional center. It is your mind, your will, and your emotions. Our culture today has placed a heavy emphasis on allowing what comes natural to this part of your being to control your perceptions and decisions. They tell us to, "Just follow your heart." I admit to you that this is absolutely terrible advice. The Bible tells us specifically NOT to follow our hearts, but rather to follow the commandments of God so that we can be His children forever (Numbers 15:39-40). God knew that the tainted, sinful heart is a dangerous thing. It is easily led away from what we know to be right in the eyes of God. As people, we are flawed. Therefore our heart, our moral center, is also naturally flawed by our experiences, fears, and perceptions. Simply put: Following the nature of your heart will cause you to sin. The Bible tells us in 1 Samuel 12:24, to serve the Lord with all of our hearts and remember the great things he has done for us. If you will commit your energy into serving God with your mind, will, and emotions, your flawed humanity will begin to reflect Him because HE will move in! This is not a casual commitment to church every now and then, this is a passionate pursuit. This is giving God all of you -- every mistake, every experience, every bad label anyone has ever placed on you. This is acknowledging that His ways are higher, His thoughts are higher, and that you trust Him with all of you. I encourage you today DON'T follow the nature of your heart! Instead follow the heart of God for your life. I promise you will never regret that decision! If you will put your trust in God and ask for His wisdom in your daily life, God will help you become everything you could ever hope to be and so much more. He wants more for you than you could ever dream. Your heart wants what is enjoyable now, but God's heart is to give you a beautiful life in Him forever!

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