What's Next?

One of the strengths of our church and our youth group is that we are "destiny" people. It starts with our senior pastors and has trickled down to the rest of us and through the rest of us! We believe and teach that we are people of potential and people of promise! We acknowledge not just that we are here for a purpose but that God, who ordained our purpose, can reveal that purpose to us along the journey!

God does that through communication. He's not dead or too distant to be capable of communication. He speaks to us despite circumstance, through His Word and through the Holy Spirit leading us and speaking to us directly through our own hearts and through His men and women in the Body of Christ. As He speaks and as we listen, our purpose can be revealed.

But what do you after you've experienced such a revelation? And what about the circumstance(s) that led you to listen in the first place? How can you trust that you've accurately heard from God concerning your future, when everything around seems to indicate otherwise? This leads us to January's theme: "Next."

"I have an idea of where God wants to take me, but what do I do next to get there?" That's the million dollar question. What's next? This month, we'll explore the "next steps" in the lives of various men and women of God from the Bible who had great destiny, that too often was preceded by great adversity. Don't miss it!

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