The Gift of Giving: God is a Giver!

In the wake of the Paris attacks several weeks ago, I saw a disturbing trend bearing out on social media. It came in quick, subsequent stages, but it began with our modern, western culture lumping all gods into the one God. This is nothing new of course; the whole "many roads lead to one God" mantra has been around for awhile now. However, I was disturbed by the progression: All [different] roads must lead to one common God, therefore equating the muslim god to the Christian God; the one God has many followers who are misguided, violent, and fanatical; those followers become fanatical because their God demands it. The narrative soon changed to a vengeful, consuming God, who demands fanatical devotion at the expense and harm of others!

The problems I have with that are obvious: 1) There are NOT many different roads (religions) that lead to one common God; there is only ONE way to the ONLY living God and Father of Jesus Christ, and that way is ONLY Jesus Christ Himself, the God-man, God the Son, and Savior of all the world! 2) The only living God does NOT vengefully feed off of fanaticism and demand violent devoition, nor does He breathe life into people and ordain them from their birth to die needlessly at the hands of evil men! THAT IS NOT OUR GOD.

Our God is quite the opposite in fact! Take all of your humanistic notions of what God is and throw it out, because GOD IS NOT A HUMAN! He's not an old, shiny, wise, all-powerful, vengeful, distant God! We think that because the Bible says that we are made in His image, that He is somehow made in ours. Nothing could be further from the truth! Of course, we are three part (body, soul, and spirit) as He is Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Yes I believe God can see and hear; that He can reach. That He reasons and makes determinations about people, nations, and history, albeit righteously. Certainly, all of our best qualities are modeled after His and our bodies, down to the smallest molecule are the product of His design. But He is NOT a shinier, more righteous man! He does not take and bring death and destruction.

Our God is a giver! He is the original giver! The very first and the very best! He gave of his own stores from day one, speaking light into darkness! Where did that light come from? It wasn't the sun, moon, or stars, as they were not created until the fourth day. No, that light came from, and was provided by God Himself, pouring from within Himself, bathing darkness and void in light! God gave life to a dead planet, creating atmosphere, land, bodies of water, vegetation, animal life, and culminating in human life, that He Himself breathed by pressing His being upon ours and imparting life into a lifeless sculpture (Genesis 2:7). God is a giver! He gave man authority (Genesis 1:26), a helpmate, and a choice in the Garden! Man chose poorly by refusing to live in the fullness God had once again given him.

God also gives:

* Salvation (Ephesians 2:8; Romans 6:23)

* Eternal Life (1 John 5:11-12)

* Good & Perfect Gifts (James 1:17)

* All Things Freely (Romans 8:32)

* Everything that Pertains to Life & Godliness (2 Peter 1:3-4)

And the list goes on! So expel from your mind the preconceived ideas you have about who God is and what He wants from you! Ignore the humanistic cry of our society that blames the one and only God who has gone above and beyond to reconcile us unto Himself again! He is not the problem; WE are the problem! For in our sinful nature and self-righteous self-worship, mankind attempts to raise itself and lower God. But there is none higher than Him and no one will make Him vacate His throne in Heaven or in you.

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