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Jesus+Breakfast Weekly!
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Youth Office
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Pastor Matt!

One of our goals is to get our youth more involved in serving their community. We have teamed up with C.C.'s Closet and visit once a month to volunteer in anyway we can.
What we do every Sunday & Wednesday!
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HERO Monthly Topics
We have monthly teaching topics that we dive into on Wednesday nights during our ONE14 Services. Then on Sundays at 10am, during Jesus+Breakfast, we continue that Biblical teaching. During the Summer we take a break and offer a program called "HERO University", which consists of "MAN University" and "WOMAN University". "HERO U." is all about two things: 1) Learning the biblical truths about life as Christian men & women, and 2) Learning life skills that men & women ought to know!  Each Wednesday, we have guest demonstrators teaching our guys & girls various real-life skills, ranging from cooking, to automotive maintenance, and even to self-defense! Last Summer we gave tickets for each participant and had a drawing for a brand new iPad!  It's always exciting at HERO!  Let us help you grow! You're invited!

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Youth Office

This office was designed for privacy and security! Although primarily our youth pastor's office, this space can be used by anyone on the team should the need arise to counsel with a student. The conversation is kept private, but both the student and adult are safely in the view of others!